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We specialize in making beautiful websites that rank on the search engines and convert prospective clients into customers. In addition, We believe that you should be in control of your website and we make sure that you are able to make changes yourself. Basic Training is Provided.

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Book The Tech Focuses on Making your site visible!

We make websites tailored to Google’s new algorithm. This gives Google the ability to understand the content on your site and rank you better than your competition. Having a site that follows the Search engine Optimization guidelines will increase the visibility of your Business!

Guide to Our Process

This is a short guide that lays out our process. 


We get together and you tell us about your business and we discuss the objectives of the site and we decide if we are a good fit.


The next step is to digitally sign an agreement and pay 50% of the cost of the project so that my team and I can begin the creation process.

Client Portal & Asset Collection

We setup a Client Portal where you will have access to your agreement and this is where you will provide all of the images and Content that will go on the website.

Wireframe Mockup

We then organize the content and provide you with a layout which illustrates the placement of the content on the pages. Upon review, you sign off on the layout.

The Design

We make the site look beautiful and present it to you. If you love your design, you sign off and the project is complete. If changes are required, this will be the time to provide feedback.

Project Completion

Once you sign off on the project, the remaining balance will be collected as per your signed agreement.

Ok, I have a website Now! What's Next?

Now we discuss your options to implement a Marketing strategy so that your site can be seen by everyone! We will use our years of experience to tell you what marketing strategy works best for your business.

We install & Configure Analytics on your Site!

We use Analytics to see what your customers are doing on your site and we use that Data to increase conversions.​

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We use the Data gathered by Analytics and adjust our campaigns accordingly with new keywords. We can see what your customers are doing on your site and we create a strategy to lead your visitor through a funnel which will convert them into customers. We restructure our strategy based on behavioral data and increase the effectiveness of our Campaign.


Our team of Designers are ready to Work with you!

Team of Designers

Let's Work Together

We can keep telling you how we can grow your business or we can show you. You don’t have to worry about reaching a pushy sales person. You know how awkward those conversations can be. Let’s talk and see if we are a good fit. 


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